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I drove up to the church
In my '52 Ford
Thinkin', "This don't look like no place
Where people worship the Lord."
A neon sign out front
That says, "OPEN 24 HOURS"
Is this really what people think of
When they think of a higher power?
But I was down on my luck
And drunker than shit
I wouldn't be welcome anyplace else
So I figured this was it
I went inside and in the lobby
Was a fully-stocked bar
Pictures of street rods
And classic cars
On my left were nude girls
Dancing on a stage
And a particular beauty
In a go-go cage
"Well, hell," I thought
"This is my kinda place."
Wonder if them girls'll
Sit on your face
And I gotta admit 
The atmosphere was right
Just the kinda place to sit
And thank Jesus Christ
And thank him I did
As I drank into the night
For having finally found a place
Where everything goes right.

written 8/19/98