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Death pulled up in a '56 Lincoln--
And asked, "Are you going my way?"
At first I said no-- but soon started thinking
What reason had I left to stay?

Long I had wept since my sweet Lover left--
Long all my friends I'd forgotten
My heart-- from Despair-- I'd been trying to lift--
Yet that Vessel still lay at the bottom

So I spied inside the Suicide Door--
And gazed at the crushed velvet seat--
And thought about living my life-- never more--
And pondered the Fate I would meet

And I asked Mr.Death-- almost under my breath--
"Do you offer me freedom from woe?'
And he said with a wink-- "My dear friend I do think--
You'll enjoy all the places we'll go."

I stood there yet more but a moment or two--
As my spirit grew steadily lighter--
And decided I had nothing better to do--
So I gave a slight nod to the Driver.

And said Mr.Death-- "My dear friend I implore--
Let's make haste-- I've appointments to keep."
So I stepped in through the Suicide Door--
And sank in the crushed velvet seat.

written 10/27/97