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ARCHIVE #4 5-19-98
by Jacqueline

Your precious smile, Your gentle kiss
  The longing for more of this,
Your sweet words, Your tender touch
  Loving you so very much.

Being the fool of a stupid love game
  Hurting all the same,
Fooled by your so-called loving nature
  In a well of torture.

Chained, dangling over a pit of fire
  So.. this is what love has inspired,
Tears falling down my face like a fountian of rain
  All the while laughing 
Flames crawl up my body making me sting
  This is called a love-thing,
Your sweet smile haunts my visions of hell
  Your taking this quite well.

Eyes staring at me, sending me from my mind
  Oh, what a wonder,...they're mine,
Laughter of a voice that seems so untrue
  Sadly.....that's mine too!

I'm seeing you take this into deep affection
  It's that kind of connection,
With my last breath of dirty air, I scream to you
  So this is what you meant by
         I love you!

by Frankie Morton

I walk across the bridge of doubts
into the sea of shame
Among the deepest forest of fear
my life is just a game

I race among the train of sadness
crash and tumble down
I scream and scream of madness
but don't even hear a sound

I jump into the lake of roughness
and realize I can't swim
I sink beneath the deadly waters
and all my life goes dim