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You'll love me, you'll hate me
you'll want me to be your girl
I'll love you, then I'll leave you
boy, I'll break your world
There is something about me
that you'll find irresistible
But guard your heart and soul carefully
because crush them I will
I'll rip apart your self-esteem
and then I'll spit in your face
I'll make your world so miserable
you'll think hell's a better place
Why do I do these things?
you just wouldn't understand
Why not?  You may ask
well, because you're a man
You see there was a cruel man
who did all of these things to me
He stepped on my heart, he took away my soul
and all he ever wanted was my body
All I ever really wanted
was just one single wish
But this man killed me inside
so now I'm just a BITCH!

written 1/3/97