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I never asked him his last name
Then again, I didn't really care
I only wanted to be there for a little while
To crawl inside his soul
A warm, wondrous place, full of emotion
Filled with things I didn't have and could never feel
A place where I felt safe from the world
From the cruelties of life
I knew it wouldn't last, but I paid no mind
Escape is still escape, no matter how long
It was good to be there, I needed it
I didn't touch him, and he didn't touch me
We only talked, bared our souls to one another
It's easier to do that when you're with a stranger
I showed him my poetry, he showed me his songs
And, for a few brief moments, we connected completely
For the first time in my life I felt at peace with myself
And for the first time in my life I was one with another
The most beautiful thing I have ever felt
To be understood to the very depths of my soul
I finally found my one kindred spirit
But only for a little while until life and reality came back to me
I wasn't sad when he left, just relieved
Because I knew that there was someone; who was just like me

written 3/7/98