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On The Darkside


Beyond the stars of beauty
Above a sadder moon
Lies the darker side of life
Where the flesh remains
And the heart still beats
But the mind and soul are dead
And on the darkside exists
The mournful, tortured spirits
Of the poets and dreamers
The ones who dared to think
That life was more than mere existence
The ones who dared to believe
That a castle of hope and happiness
Could be built from the sad, torn remnants
Of our depressed world
But they were wrong, and paid the price
Forced to exist on the darkside
Their thoughts, dreams, and words
Now lie ripped and broken in the shadows
On the darkside they wait, in silence
Waiting for the world to build their castle
Out of the broken, decaying pieces
Of their lifeblood and their life's work
And someday, someday
The world will finally catch up
To these poets and dreamers
Who existed before their time

written 10/21/97