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  I've embraced the summer dawn.
  Nothing budged yet on the walls of the palaces.  The water was
dead still.  Camps of shadows held the road to the woods.  I
tramped on, waking up the lukewarm living breezes, and the
stones watched, and wings were beating without sound.
  The first real happening on the little path alread filled with
fresh pale flashings was a flower that told me its name.
  I chuckled at the blond waterfall disheveled through the pine
trees:  at their silvered tips, I made out the goddess.
  I started lifting her veils, one by one.  In the path, by
waving my arms.  In the field, where I gave her away to the cock.
All over town, she ran away between the steeples and domes, and,
moving like a hustler on the piers of marble, I hassled her!
  Where the road turns upwards, near a laurel wood, I bundled her
all up in her veils, and I felt her huge body a bit.  Dawn and the
child dropped together at the wood's edge.
  When I woke it was noon.