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Deconstructing Life And Love

I'd like to set the world ablaze!
Why must life be such a bloody hell!?
I'm damned if I do one thing
And more damned if I do another
There is no right and wrong in life
There is only pain, and slightly less pain
I cannot love, for it is always forbidden
I cannot hate, for it is always immoral
Every action does not have an equal and opposite reaction
Every action has a consequence 
That sends poison spikes through your heart
"It cannot be helped, no one said life was easy."
Life is a beaten, barren path down which no one wishes to travel
I shall die a thousand times over in this life
Yet even the death of my body will not bring peace to my soul
And I shall be cursed to wander the earth throughout time
As have the tortured souls and forbidden lovers 
Who have come before me
Love is embedded so deep in the heart and soul
That every evening I shall cut my heart out
And every morning it shall be full again
And no matter how many cold and lonely nights I spend
I shall never stop loving, for that is its cruelest twist
Once you have loved, not pain, or distance, or time, or loneliness
Will matter, for not even God himself could make you stop
We endure every moment of pain in life, and still we continue on
Continue living, continue loving, 
Continue in our useless, hellish lives
For even pain is emotion, and brings a sort of sadistic ecstasy
"You'll see, it shall all be worth it in the end."
No, a thousand lives, a thousand loves, 
A thousand deaths are not worth it
Nothing could ever be worth the destruction of my soul
Except peace in the end, 
And walking with my love in the palace of winds

written 1/11/98