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Seems most people don't know the difference between a bitch and a cunt.
Especially men.
Well here it is.
A bitch'll tell you you're a piece of shit, and you'll be pissed at her for a while,
And that'll be it.
A cunt'll tell you you're a piece of shit,
And she'll make you think you are a piece of shit.
A bitch'll rant and rave, slap you when she gets pissed,
And threaten to sleep with your best friend.
A cunt'll let you rant and rave, then nail ya in the balls
And go sleep with your best friend in an empty lot somewhere
In the backseat of your '56 Ford.
A bitch will complain that you're no good in bed
After you've had sex and she hasn't come.
A cunt'll get herself off when you're finished
So you can see that you're no good in bed.
A bitch'll come home drunk at one o'clock in the morning
And refuse to tell you where she's been,
And you'll make her ass sleep on the couch for a week.
A cunt'll come home drunk at four o' clock in the morning
After having put a sizeable dent in your prized ride
She won't seem to remember what happened to her panties
And you'll tell her that's all right.
Then you'll hold her head for an hour or so when she wakes up hungover
And pukes her guts out, all the while cursing you.
A bitch'll tell you no when you ask her to marry you,
Because you don't have enough money.
A cunt'll tell you yes when you ask her to marry you,
Just so she can ride your ass for the next twenty years.
Now trust me when I tell you most women fall into one of these two categories.
So which one is best to end up with?
Well, a cunt may make your life hell,
But she'll make it a hell of a lot better too.
Trust me, I know.  :)

written 8/19/98