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you know dearest love
i'll come back one day
i know you won't wait
but that's all right
i only want you to be happy
i never expected anything from you
you never expected anything from me
you really are my soul-mate
i am certain of that
but i can't fulfill our love
until i can love myself
the flames of love abound
inside of both our hearts
we'll be together one day
even if we have to wait till eternity
i know you don't want me to go
but i have to find what it is
i have inside myself
that makes me worthwhile
i hope you can understand
that i must have it
before i can truly have you
so think of me if you wish
hate me if you must
but know when you go to sleep alone
that you will always be
my single burning candle in the night

written 5/28/98