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This Is My Life

Growing up in a world 
Filled with passion and hate
Another helping of reality
Served up on a broken plate

Please sir, can I have some more?
Please ma'am, can you help this disease?
I can't carry this weight
For all eternity

Mothers killing babies
Children with guns
Preachers say that the apocalypse
Has already begun

This is the world you left me
This is the world you made
The groundwork for destruction
Is all that you laid

Can you live with yourself
When you look in the mirror?
And how long can you hold out
When it's you that they fear?

One day your ivory tower
Will come crashing down
And there will be no one there to help you
Because you destroyed everyone around

You left me drugs and guns
You taught me violence and sin
Don't tell me it was like this
In the world you lived in

How can you look at me
And tell me it isn't your fight?
How can you say I'm the only one
Who's supposed to make it right?

This is my life
This is my hell and my pain
Don't tell me I'm selfish and wrong
When I'm only living your way

written 4/12/98