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Somewhere Between Heaven And Hell

He's got the heart of an angel
And the soul of a demon
He screams at me endlessly
And then he starts to cry
He tries so hard to be a man
When inside he's just a child

He loves me, then he hates me
Maybe tomorrow he'll love me again
He's got a violent streak
That masks the tenderness inside
With tattoos up and down his arms
He's just trying to hide his beauty

You can only see his true self
Inside of his songs
He figures if he hides the pain
Maybe he won't feel it
So he makes himself look and act like a punk
Being who he thinks he should

He rages on endlessly
Against love itself
When all he really wants
Is someone to share his heart with
He may not realize it yet
But I'm the one

I can understand
All the things that he feels
Our hearts and our souls
Are karmically bound
I'm the one with whom he can share heaven
And the one who can see him through hell

written 4/6/98