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"In The Unknown"

Death in life
And life in death
A fickle god
To steal your breath
Loving minds
And hating hearts
Slowly rip
Your soul apart
Cursing laughter
And cursing tears
But it's you who's cursed
For all see your fears
Fearing love 
And fearing hate
Forever banished
To a cold, dark place
Where sorrow abounds
And pain is untold
Try to leave?
You're not that bold
You see your fears
Are one too many
You even fear yourself
How's that for irony?
You cannot go
You must remain
Here in torture
Here in shame
Do not worry
You're not alone
I exist here too
In the unknown
For I am like you
Afraid and in despair
So here we will stay
Because no one cares
Battling hate
And battling fears
Don't even try
To hold back your tears
Once the flood gates open
They will not close
Dreamers, poets, dead men
We are those
Learn to live
With what you've been given
Or to insanity and death
You will be driven
Take comfort in
The others here
I will soothe you
And ease your fears
Do not worry
You'll get used to this place
You don't want to leave
Because all you'll find is hate

written 10/24/97