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My Own Poetry
The Poetry Of S.L. Bachelder
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NOTE: I am going to be submitting some of my new poetry to 
the new WWWBoard Poetry Forum, so if you'd like to see new poetry by me,
go to the forum.
Last updated 9/02/98 00:09:35
Arsenic Dreams Only The Night Will Know A Poet Lure Of The Mask
Letter To No One I: "Father Darling" Letter To No One II: "Mama Dearest" Letter To No One III: "Dearest Love" Just Like You(80k .jpg file scanned from the page I wrote it on)
Somewhere Between Heaven & Hell This Is My Life Deconstructing Life & Love The Mirror
In The Unknown Connection Future On The Wall On The Darkside
*24 Hour Church(warning: adults ONLY!) *What's The Difference?(warning: adults ONLY!) Just Leave Me. . . Death In A '56 Lincoln
That Crazy Texas Man Bitch

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