Archive #1 3/25/98
Archive #1 3/25/98
by Bant Sundance

I see you in his arms!
and the smile on your face,
I can actually see you happy,
and me living without your grace!

I know as much as i love you,
and how much you love me,
that i will never be with you!
and you will always be with me!

You said that you hate him,
but i begin to wonder,
I have began to feel my shame,
as you heart begins to wonder!

You say that you love me,
but i am just a fool,
for even wanting to think 
that i love you!

by Frankie Morton

On day twines with another
weaving the tapestry of our lives
We can take any path we choose
to travel as the time flies

Some lives are woven as fine silk
and some are as cotton broadcloth
Some are a perfect weave and some
are imperfect as spoiled by a moth

Threads of happiness and sadness
run in and out with consistency
Are other hands upon the loom
or do we decide our own destiny?

When all is said and done, what kind
of fabric do we choose to leave behind?
A tribute to a life well lived or
a sadness from a troubled mind?

Do gold and silver threads sparkle
and shimmer in the sun?
Or is the cloth dark and dreary
drenched with tears from misdeeds done?

So tell me you love me today and
weave a golden thread
Tomorrow may not be ours to have
and kind words will be left unsaid