Archive #3 4/21/98
ARCHIVE #3 4/21/98
by Starr Danell

Come one and come all
To the Lonely Ball
Where we're all in pain
And depression reigns
Where hearts are killed
And souls are ill
Where you can lose your mind
Among your own kind
A place for you to be
With no humility
It matters not if you're alone
It's good to be on your own
At least that's what we say
To keep our blues away
Come and be with those who care
Don't think of those no longer there
Didn't you realize when they left you
Even in the beginning their love wasn't true?
Don't worry, we will help to ease your sorrow
And you know there will always be another tomorrow
So come all you lost and lonely souls
Come be among friends and make yourselves whole

by Steven Cherry

My heart rushes forward 
To meet a certain doom
To the death one knows is coming
At the first step from the womb
It cries to me in silence
With screams that wrack my brain
And none may know my torment
For I cannot show my pain
I lack a certain peace
That others seem to find
I don't know half the voices
That speak into my mind
Others miss my good side
They only see my sin
Their cries counter-pointing
The voices deep within

by Steven Cherry

Where the wind blows I cannot follow
But where I go I should not be
I lose myself in helpless sorrow
I find myself a tragedy
Into life I throw myself
Away from hope my life throws me
Swept into a blind men's folly
My mind crushed by infirmity