A moment perfected in time.
A moment you gather and need.
The scent of roses adrift in your air,
The softness of its freshest petal, this you store.
The warmest and brightest day ever,
This is the day that you can feel the air that you breathe,
For this is your God given right!
The sound of gathering birds in motion,
Chirping all about, for it is their young that they must feed.
Days that go by are never gone forever,
For they live inside of life to further explore.
Every single moment accounted for, even those in sight! 
For it's the bottles in my soul that still keeps them airtight!

An hour that goes by is never forgotten,
For they are simply misplaced.
A dark night with its big bright stars,
For they are everywhere, a true moment to believe.
A dampened ground, wet with its sweet honey dew,
Covering your cold bare feet, a moment of pleasure indeed.
The midnight crawlers invade the night,
Joyfully in their own harmony and singing with grace.
Nights go by time and time again,
They all remain the same because this you conceive.
The time on the clock just keeps ticking and ticking,
For it's the bottles in my soul that still keeps collecting and

A day has gone by, a day that meant nothing to you, or so you thought.
A quick glance of today's memories instantly floods you.
Not one second thought, you shove them aside, once again.
No more thoughts, simply a relaxed mind on your terms and on your time.
The scent of roses drift all about and gather in your air,
Followed by the taste of the sweet honey dew wet on your lips.
 " Ah", such a candid splendor, this moment is caught!
Such a relaxed moment, not one single care.
Everything becomes so much more clear as this journey begins.
So much within you forever lives and so much yearns to thrive!
For it's the bottles in my soul that still keeps bringing me back alive!

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