Last updated 7/07/98 08:19:06

    Well, dearies, now that I've got the new forum up, you can submit 
as many as you'd like, as often as you'd like. At this time I am still
not accepting adult or erotic poetry.  And just short note, the e-mail
submission form is now for the new "Poetry For Lovers" section only,
if you have a poem you would like to contribute to this section, use
the form, (or post it on the forum, if you'd rather) but any other
poetry submitted via the form will just be added to the forum by me,
so please just use it.  
    Please  put an asterisk next to the title of any poems that 
contain graphic imagery or adult language, so the viewer is 
forewarned. I would still like your name and e-mail address 
included in your forum post, but I'm not gonna tell you that you have
to include it.  But please, please do not leave any posts under the 
name "Anonymous."  It's not cute, and I don't appreciate it.  If you 
don't want to use your real name, then use a pseudonym, but at least 
provide the reader with a name!  
    I RESERVE THE RIGHT to remove any posts I don't think are 
acceptable.  All poems submitted to the forum will be removed and 
archived when the board is full.  Please, feel free to comment on 
each other's work, nothing makes a writer feel better than having 
somebody say, "hey, I liked your work."  However, criticism will only 
be tolerated if it is constructive!  I do not want people insulting 
and bashing each other on my site!  Anyone leaving  insulting or 
offensive posts will be banned from the forum.  Again, no poetry will 
ever be deleted from this site, only temporarily  removed when I run 
out of space.  I will notify all persons whose work I am removing, if 
I have your e-mail addy.  (so it would be helpful if you would provide 
one.)  Thank you for taking the time to read these guidelines, I hope 

                           S. L. Bachelder
                           Proprietor: A SEASON IN HELL POETRY

NOTE: As I'm sure you've noticed, most everything posted on this page
is centered, because I personally think it looks better that way.
However, if you would like your poetry aligned differently when it's
archived, just let me know, and I'll be more than happy to do it.

Please also read the COPYRIGHT NOTICE