So lost and lonely, left completely out in the cold.
I wonder why the things I now know,
I should've already been prepared to know?
Brought directly down,
To the bottom of wet grounds,
I can still hold myself to carry through.

Should've just let it all go.
Desperate for the scent of fresh air,
Here again I wonder,
How could I have ever known?
I do slip to the other side of the moon, the dark one!
This you know because I have surely shown!
Buried alive, I fear those lonely last breaths.

Oh, God! What a different dimension!
I turn myself around and search for that which I seek.
Time endures me, holding the power to resume.
This held with so many propositions.
Sometimes I just want to go home,
And sometimes I just want to sail the freeways!
Sometimes I just want to fly away.
Fly and soar through life's journey!
Just fly and soar through life.
Oh how I want to go home with you jointly!

Hope and despair shall forever wash you away.
A journey to the other side of the moon!
Watch and you shall see,
Around here the sun tries to shine but breaks free!
New blossoms of fresh green leaves and a moment too soon,
Testing my faith to flee or stay.
Reflections of life appear in the shadows,
Drifting in space with a soul that follows.

The pain of hope is the pain of despair,
Essential with that last breath of fresh air,
Now to be exhaled into a dimensional ash!
Shadows of mourning and walking on water,
Finally, the ultimate splash!
Whisked away, you are your shelter without a cover.
Drowning quickly to the seeds of life,
Pulled from the wound and you hold the lethal knife.

Taken away and much too far.
Now crawling, desperate and low.
Crawling on my knees!
Despair grows and grows like wild weeds.
Never stopping and agony too slow!
Self inflicted with a noticeable scar.

Weights of gold with no measurements,
This I carry and alone for you.
Brought forth in the circle of rain coming down,
I find myself overpowered with such a reality.
The quantity is granted so perfect in this life.
One day the dark side of the moon shall fall to the ground.
Time warped and traveling at rapid speeds, my solitude found.
Oh how it radiates with that which has been granted to give!
An open door to walk the ledge, a given eternity!
Hope and despair carries its freshly burnt knife.
Pulled directly from the bleeding heart, my life to live!

Hammered with nails,
All the way to your very bone,
The earth shall burn by its very own fires,
Yet, forever it shall remain our heart of gold!
Hope, now this we carry,
Even through our days yet to come,
On earth our time will be done.
When all else fails, look at what you have shown.
Hope is a gift we require.

Hope and despair I find on the other side of the moon,
Finding my ultimate intake beyond my own capacity.
Granted and given, the spirits with no true sight.
Drenched thoroughly in the rains of fire, I test my own authenticity.
Life suddenly becomes more pertinent to sustain the lost gain then to
Over on the dark side of the moon,
Soothing breaths of fresh air increase my intensity.
Broad aspects and pictures to depict, the dark side of the moon!

Blowing forcefully in the winds,
The sensation to want so badly other than me.
A brand new tree leaf plucked from its branch,
A life that was and now with no way to mend.
Up in the deep blue skies,
A bird harbors a need.
Why me Lord, why me?
How could I come this far only to shed my skin?
With this concept, should I believe with beaten pride?
Hope and despair, the other side,
Another dimension and one with needs.
I shall always rain down and truly believe,
Drowning myself deep in its seeds.
Hope and despair, the other side of the moon, a message to send!
The other side of the moon, I am surely your friend!

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